Final blog of 2016

Hi everyone, what year it has been.

I would like to thank everyone that has commented this year. 2016 is nearly over and this will be my final blog post of the year. This year has been full of many challenges. This year has been my best yet.

One of my greatest successes this year is when completed more than half of a project about migration that I only had 3 weeks to do, most of the other students had been working on the project for several weeks before me. It was a stretch to do what I did but I was proud of what I did.

My biggest challenge was that same time as my greatest successes, it was a big challenge and really hard as I was not here for the full explanation and had to ask questions multiple times. I was also under pressure because of the tasks I chose. It was a race against time but I was successful for the most part.

A big highlight this year was the friendships I have made, one of them is a friendship with Norbu we made friends during the projects we did together. I also enjoyed playing inter-school sports I had fun even though we didn’t win many games.

Thank you for commenting this year, if there are any great moments you would like to share about this year please do.