Cross country race day

Wow what a day everyone.

Today we had the race day for cross country. The day was loads of fun watching everyone race, they all did really well. I was racing in the 12/13’s and the competition was fierce. When the race started all I could think about was getting to the front, although when I reached the his I lost it. The hill is so hard to beat, It really drains your energy. I ran as hard as I could the whole race. Unfortunately I just missed out on a spot in the next round. On the positive side of things I got 14th place which is the best I’ve ever done in cross country.

Today I ask myself what if, what if I changed the way I started if slowed myself at the start or if I sped up. But we will never know. Tanks everyone.


One thought on “Cross country race day

  1. Yes, what a day! I had a fantastic day cheering you all on. I loved watching all the St Margaret Mary’s kids trying their best and pushing through the pain. All of you are Champions! Thanks for a great day. Bryalee

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