I’m back again

Hi folks, welcome back.
I have recently been on a three month trip around the amazing country we live in.
On the trip my family and I stayed in a caravan.
It’s cool how the red center has not only red dirt but lots of native trees and plants.
The most difficult thing on the trip was sitting in the car for up to eight hours some days!
One of the awesome things I learnt was that the Dutch were the first to settle in Western Australia but did not claim the land.

We did so many great things and we all learnt lots.
Thanks for reading

One thought on “I’m back again

  1. We has such an awesome trip! I loved travelling around Australia with you. Looking forward to travelling again soon and having more exciting adventures in our caravan. I also want to head back to Exmouth and Coral Bay as soon as possible. 🙂

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