Migration final project

Hi everyone,

Over last few weeks we have been working on a project about migration. We had to choose a time period and turn the knowledge we gained to create a project. The set out of our project was a menu, for each part of the menu we had to choose one of three tasks to complete. I chose the Vietnam war.

My project was mostly about where the refugees went during and after the war. For my Entree I chose to do a map of the places the refugees went to and from, and for my main I did an open minded portrait from the perspective of a refugee. Unfortunately I ran out of time to make a dessert because I was not here for most of the project so I am really proud of what I got done.

I enjoyed this project because we could chose an activity that suits your ability. Although next time I complete an investigation I would like to spend less time researching and more time on the presentation.

Thanks for reading everyone, don’t forget to comment because I love to hear from you thanks again.




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  1. Really loved your map outlining the many places the refugees travelled to. It must have been so scary for them travelling by boat and entering a foreign country with different customs and language.

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