Hi everyone, today we looked at ecosystems.

An ecosystem is almost like a small world. I was researching the limestone caves ecosystem. The Limestone cave’s ecosystem mainly consists of lizards, snakes, birds and bats. There is one thing I found particularly interesting and that was the name for Animals that live in caves, The word is troglobites. I also learnt that limestone is a soluble rock meaning it dissolves in water, it gets most of its water from surrounding insoluble rocks.

There were many other interesting facts I could share but one in particular is that limestone is made of 50% Calcium carbonate, 25% water and 25% carbon Dioxide.

So if you have any interesting facts about ecosystems why not tell us?



One thought on “Ecosystems

  1. Hi Byron it’s Will,
    The ecosystem you investigated is pretty cool, I like your poster, there are some interesting facts on it, also I didn’t know that limestone had Carbon Dioxide in it, that was an interesting fact. The ecosystem I investigated was the African Grasslands, an interesting fact about the African Grasslands is that half of it covers the whole of Africa. Is there any other interesting facts that aren’t on the poster? If there is please tell me,

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