Inter-school sports

Hi everyone,                                                                                                                                                                                   Today we found out our inter-school sports teams, I am in cricket.This year I am looking forward to the new way we play the sports, we used to play every Friday now we play 6 games across 2 Fridays. I am hoping to develop my batting in cricket this year while play.  The thing I have to mention is what makes a good team. I think that supporting your team mates is very important in a game of cricket and all other sports. Telling team mates what they need to work and what they did well is also important.img_0260

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  1. Good luck STMM cricket team!
    I agree with you Byron. Trying your best and being supported is really important in all areas of development, including sport. Perhaps you should hit up Dad for some team coaching 🙂
    Love Mum

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